All the Info You Need to Claim Back Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

A new web site, PPI Guru has opened it’s doors to anybody in the UK that wants to claim back PPI (Payment Protection Insurance). The site gives you all the information and tools you need to make a claim on your own as quick and easy as possible. PPI was mis-sold on many types of loan including mortgages, store and credit card not to mention payday loans. If you had a payday loan within the last six years it’s worth checking your policy documents and statements to find out if you are entitled to a refund

goto ppiguru websiteMany people are completely unaware that they even have insurance of this nature so you could be one of them. According to the ‘PPI Guru’ there is still millions of pounds on the table and it just takes a quick search of your financial statements to see if you’ve been paying it. If you have, then follow the guidance on the web site to fill in the appropriate forms and you should be good to go. Hopefully after a few days you will hear back from your bank or finance company telling you your claim has been successful. You can even call the company that provided your finance and ask them. They can only say ‘yay’ or ‘ney’!

It really is as simple as that and we could all do with a few extra pounds in our pockets so it’s worth doing. Even though I say a few pounds, it will more than likely be a few thousand pounds! So how about paying off some debt or buying a new car. Perhaps a round the world trip is more your thing? Whatever, get those bank, building society and credit card statements out now and check.

So to get more information about claiming back PPI check out today, you could have thousands waiting for you!